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we can see that the actual numeric values of the 10ths are 1,1,1,10,10,10,100,101,101,1000. If you want the least significant 10th, you need to use the mod operator in this fashion: int leastSignificant10 = (numericValue % 100) * 100 + (numericValue % 10) * 10; You could rewrite the above example to do this with arrays: int[9] array = {10, 10, 10, 100, 101, 101, 1000, 1001, 1001}; int value = (array[i % array.length] % 100) * 100 + (array[i % array.length] % 10) * 10; Be careful with this last example though, because if the array was initially filled with zeros, it could start out as 1,100,101,1000,1001,1001,1000,1000... Wow, what a crazy and incredible week we've had. Thank you so much to everyone who helped with their prayers, and for those who gave. I had the privilege of speaking to a group of students from India who were in town for two days of seminars at the Unitarian Universalist Association in Washington DC. They're young students from two different colleges and so incredible to talk to them! Yesterday and today were our busiest days with big events. Firstly, the wonderful group of students from Dormitory No.4 spoke to the student representatives from our Youth Ministry. The reason we did this was for their education to understand how they can minister to each other in various ways and how we can partner with them to create meaningful, supportive and fun things for them to do. They came up with a plan to hold a lunchtime potluck once a week for anyone to come along and help with food. It was so lovely to hear them talk about what they'd like to do and learn, and to hear the other students talk about the things they'd like to do too. They left with 5 weeks of phone numbers for them to be in touch. While that was happening, we were also incredibly busy with a special event on the grounds. A group from our Young Adult ministry, members of our University Ministries Association, Unitarian Universalists from around the country and local leaders gathered for a Radical Unitarian holiday. We had a potluck lunch, a walking meditation in the woods, a free concert by the Unitarian Community Sing



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